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updated: october 2001

the Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Rayand Charles Eames



Lounge ChairThe famous Lounge Chair and Ottomanof was designed in 1965 by Ray and Charles Eames. These two american designersworked from the start in 1948 often with bent plywood. They even had atone moment their own factory. 
This chair is probably one of the most comfortable chairs ever made. 
Eames has assigned in this chair a separate component toevery single function, such as a backrest, a seat, a headrest, connectingjoints between parts, the five legged support, etc. This has led to theassumption that this chair is a typical expression of american functionalism.The more accurate definition as organic design underlines the flowing formof the elements. Even more precisely we recognize the application of aHamilton curve, a continuous curve around each part. Such a curve dividesthe form in two nesting shells. 

foot rest

One halve is the active, bearing, part, the other is the passive, supported,part. A Hamilton curve curve divides for example a tennis ball. Eames haselegantly solved many technical problems in his products such as the flexiblejoint between plywood and dye cast parts, the zipper connection betweenthe leather skin and the fiberboard back of the different cushions, andthe fixing of the upholstery to the plywood shells.

 theHamilton line
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