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I was born in Holland a long time ago. Amongst my teachers I was lucky enough to have Gerrit Thomas Rietveld from the Dutch De Stijl group; later I studied in Ulm at the Hochschule fuer Gestaltung with Tomas Maldonado, Walter Zeischegg and Max Bill. 

I started as a designer at Olivetti in Italy as an assistant of Ettore Sottsass; later I opened my own studio in Milan where my wife Hiroko Takeda joined me. We created many products in different sectors, such as household applyances, furniture, machine tools and electronic equipment. 

From the very start I am also interested in the theoretical aspects of design, such as design language, morphology and semiotics, and I spend much time as a teacher, to write articles and even two books (in Italian). This is also the reason for this site. 

Sometimes I sketch some landscapes, a couple of them are now on the internet.

By the way, I consider the Internet as a democratic institution and invite anybody to freely copy from my documents, eventually naming this site. It actually has two addresses:


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