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 updated: february 2002

So you eventually managed to get through to this very special page. In effect it is the place where I intend to tell you some ultimate reflections.  I use the word 'reflection' here in the sense that was given to it by the romanian german poet Paul Celan, who took it perhaps from the Cabbala as we will see later, when he talks about a mirror,  that reflects the current of events: 'am blanken Wundenspiegel vorbei', 'along the blank mirror of wounds', he tells us in the poem 'Die Schwermutsschnellen hindurch', meaning that poetry reveals human tragedy.  Not that I am a pessimist as you can see from the next maximum (I intend to suggest several more of them in these pages) 
 "Real insight is the limit of good design"
This will need some explanation. Designers pretend to contribute to a better society but you can take any example and see how short fetched good designed products are in this regard. Take cars, for example a good designed car like the Porsche 911, and ask yourself in how far it has contributed to the solution of  the problem of transport . The answer is not encouraging: cars, as they are conceived till now, are not yet an optimal response to the global quest for environmental sound transport systems. For a designer it is better not to question to deeply the social impact of his design else he changes profession, but in the same breath I accept and promote good design, we must only recognize that this is practicably impossible without closing our eyes for its obvious limits. I even go further and state that, in order to be an inspired designer, a certain degree of stupidity is indispensable. Or perhaps it is better to say that truly creative people are excluding, at least partially, from their active brain its capacity for rational reasoning. In its place sensitivity is enhanced, especially concerning three-dimensional forms, colors and finishing. It is manifest that I intent in this 'special page' to counterbalance my intended systematic approach in the other pages with an alternative way of  acquisition of knowledge, perhaps even of another type of knowledge altogether. (cf.. Fernando Gil (1)) 
By the way, this page is concerned with many topics but only marginally with design itself. If design is your main boon you better go back to the main files, like index,  before you get bored. 
Ryokoji Leiden
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(1) Fernando Gil,  Conoscenza , in Enciclopedia III p.778, Giulio Einaudi editore,  Turin, 1978

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